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• Jun 2, 2017 - 12:56
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Please add a Lupophone, a G Clarinet, and update ranges of Bass, Contra-alto, Contrabass Clarinets and String Bass to have Low C extensions.


One issue per request please, and as much detail as possible, here esp. reg. short and long name, amateur and professional range, sound, clef, transpositioning and genre

FWIW, the idea of changing the ranges of basses to include the optional extension has been discussed and so far the consensus is to not make the change. The idea being, these ranges are there for beginning composers who aren't aware of the ranges, and telling them that basses can play a low C when in fact only a small percentage of them can is not conducive to the purpose of the feature, which is to warn people when they are writing something many people won't be able to play. The idea of someday adding a new color to indicate notes that are "easy" to play but only if you have an instrument capable of it has come up.

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I guess this is just fine for the added G Clarinet and Lupophone.
As to the low C extension for Clarinets and stringed bass this seems to be debatable?
IMHO extending the prof range for this is the right thing to do though, at least for now (we may reconsider if and when a 3rd color/range setting got introduced)?

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I think that adding modifications to instruments to the professional range is the way to go. There are many amateurs capable of playing in the "professional" range of other instruments that require special techniques. There also are many amateurs with double basses with C extensions and other modified instruments (such as low A on the Baritone Saxophone). The professional range gives users an indication that not all musicians will be able to play it.

@KeldeoJustified : I just looked at the ranges set in properties, but looking at the score itself is seems you want to also extend the amateur range for Contra-alto clarinet and Contrabass clarinet one pitch lower, to (transposed) Eb1? Also I'm not sure what you intend with the upper professional range for Oboe, lower it 2 pitchs or go 3 pitches higher?

Contrabass Clarinet "All student instruments possess the written low E-flat, while all professional instruments are constructed to low C."
Contra-alto Clarinet "Most Contra-Altos are written to low E-flat (sounding G-flat below the bass clef), while a few instruments may possess a written low C, but these instruments are rare in comparison."

I guess they should be saved for the special category with the special keys and what not

So up Oboe pro range be 3 semitones, down Contra* clarinet amateur range one semitone, and contra-alto lower pro range same as amateur, right?