Palette item not showing on score, until refresh.

• Sep 10, 2017 - 16:29
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Issue for this version: 2.1.0, happened after updating: On surface pro 4 tablet, in pc mode, when I finger touch an item on palette, it does not show on the score, until, I touch the musescore icon on windows taskbar twice. i.e. mini and restore.
When it is connected to external monitor, it's normal.


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To be clear, when you say finger touch, do you mean a double tap? Normally I would expect a single touch to be like a single click of mouse button, which is not supposed to do anything. Or do you have something configured on your system so that a single touch actually send the double click event?

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Paid special attention today when I was playing violin with surface on music stand. It still happened random often: the tablet was in pc mode, musescore was maxed to take the whole desktop space with only windows taskbar done at the bottom. I used nothing but only my index finger to edit the score. Taping and taping……thank God gave me tiny finger tip good for violin playing and hmmm tapping. Highlighting a note head here and there and double tapping a certain finger number on the palette to decorate them, it went smoothly ok… but at anytime it could happen that after I tapped a number, EVERYTHING froze, with the number square background on the palette showing shallow blue. EVERYTHING but windows taskbar. This frozen could be immediately unfrozen with a tap anywhere on the taskbar, and then the number appeared on the score, everything appeared back to normal. And this was going happen again random often.
It happened the second day after the current software updating. Never before.
And I added a hot key to “Ctrl+~” for fingering input, it worked goody without palette.

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It sounds like you are accidentally double tapping the screen and putting items into edit mode. I have this problem at times with my mouse. I simply want to throw my mouse across the room when it gets that way. I can solve this by buying better mouse. I don't know if there is a setting that will allow you to adjust the double click speed on your pad.

It's what happens when you double-click just about any element on your score - it makes the element editable in different ways according to the element type. For some element types, it enables the cursor keys to move it. For others, it displays handles allowing you to adjust the shape of the element. For text, it allows you to edit the text.

I will test again to make sure I single tap a note head, and then double tap number on palette, and also double tap a note head and double tap palette, on purpose. good night and good light 3:32am in Sydney now, bye.

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You will know if most non text items are in edit mode by pressing the up or down arrow key or possibly the ctrl+arrow. It should move if in edit mode. One major exception is rests, which will move using only the up or down arrow when selected, no need to put them in edit mode by double clicking. If they move and they shouldn't getting out of edit mode and undoing will return them where they belong.

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You are right, this reminds me it’s called “edit mode” in the manual somewhere I read before. I keep forgetting it because I have a habit of telling myself on mind: “I highlight it with this single click/tap” and “I FOCUS on it with this double click/tap.”, while I use this program in (globe) edit mode when is not in the playing mode.
Well, the test today: the same as before, set surface on music stand, no keyboard no mouse, only the surface tablet and my finger. To ensure I tapped accurately, I enlarged the notes on screen to be the same size of my finger tip, and tapped on certain what I wanted. With single tap test, the result is the same as yesterday described above; with double tap test, It’s EITHER the finger number was not showing on score - it’s not frozen, just looked like I did nothing to it, until I slide the score background/paper a bit any direction, OR software froze as single tap.

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... at anytime it could happen that after I tapped a number, EVERYTHING froze, with the number square background on the palette showing shallow blue. EVERYTHING but windows taskbar.

And there was no external keyboard, to bring out the onscreen keyboard the taskbar was then had to be touched first therefore already unfroze everything before the need of touch the on screen keyboard “Esc”.