Tremolos between notes corrupted on part creation

• Aug 27, 2017 - 03:21
Reported version
S3 - Major
1. Open a score
2. Write 2 notes
3. insert tremolos between two notes
4. Open a part score
5. Enter it
6. Delete the part score
7 Results: the tremolos time values are weird
This can be fixed by re entering the tremolo, or deleting and undoing


Hmm, for me its weird right after step 4 (by which I assume you mean, go to File / Parts and press New All). If my initial tremolo was between two quarter notes - thus turning into two half notes when I add the tremolo - these turn into whole notes the moment I create the part. In the part, they show as a half and a whole. Deleting the art doesn't change the bad thing that happened in the score.

However, it is not quite as bad as it appears (although still very bad). The score does not get reported as corrupt on close / open. And if I delete the tremolo, the notes turn back into quarters, and "undo" turns them back into halves as they should have been all along.

I'm the OP of Album feature bug: A tremolo between notes changes noteheads in a joined score.
Sorry for the lack of information, I found this behavior in Musescore v2.1.0 (revision 871c8ce) on OS X 10.11.
Steps to reproduce this are below:

  1. Create two mscz files. One (call it "A") doesn't have any tremolos between notes, and the other (call it "B") has at least one. For example, see attached files in the topic I reported this problem first.
  2. Go to [File] -> [Album...].
  3. Add scores in order of "B"->"A", then click [Join Scores] and save the merged file. Close the album manager. When you open the merged file, you would see nothing weird.
  4. Open the album manager again and swap the order of scores. Now, the order is "A"->"B". Merge them and save as the step 3. Then you will find the latter note in each tremolo between notes has wrong notehead: double in duration. See tremolo_album_test1.mscz attached in the original topic.
  5. Repeat the step 4 once more. Now, again, the order is "B"->"A". Merge them and save as the step 3. Then you will find both notes in each tremolo between notes have wrong notehead: quadruple in duration. See tremolo_album_test2.mscz attached in the original topic.

Thanks for the information. I was able to reproduce the problem with the current stable version (871c8ce). However, the Album dialog window of the current master (79b596f) seems to have changed quite a bit and I did not even succeed in creating an Album file for the two test scores. But since I actually have never used the Album feature myself, I might just be missing something. Maybe someone else knows more about the Album dialog window in the current master, and how it's supposed to work.