Creating an album

• Aug 4, 2017 - 06:25

I have 6 short movements that I am trying to combine into an album. I can join scores for the first 5 but when I add the 6th I get an error message which says "Error while creating score from Album. "


As jojo hinted at, there are complexities involved in combining scores with different instruments & staves. I can't remember what all the conditions are...but if for instance album won't allow you to append a score containing more staffs than the first one, I believe.

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Ideally all scores for a joined album should have the same number of instruments and staves and in the same order, else confusion will most likely happen, but at the minimum no subsequent score is allowed to have less staves as the previous.
And the 1st score's style settings are used for the combined score.

For just priting an album there's no such restriction though.

I found out that all the parts have to be labeled the same and the number of instruments across all the sections have to be the same, i,e, violin 2 is not the same as violin II and Horn is not the same as Horn in F and you can't have Clarinet 2 in one section unless it is in all the sections. Then it works perfectly.

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