Holding a note across a bar

• Aug 30, 2014 - 21:41

I am self taught (in the process that is) w.r.t to reading music so I might not ask this correctly.

When I try the following //prntscr.com/4i32em It plays like two separate notes. However I do know you can get them to sound like one long note. How do I do this?


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If you enter a slur, you will get 2 distinct notes played, not one longer note as with a tie. In real life, if there are only 2 notes connected, every decent musician willould interpret it as a tie. If there are a series of notes slurred together and 2 consecutive notes are the same pitch, most musicians will play the notes extremely legato rather than as a tie, and interpret the slur as a phrase mark rather than a true slur.

Ties in MuseScore are not perfect in playback and many anomalies have been noticed. For instance, a sforzato (>) above a note increases the volume for the note including all additional ties rather than an hard attack and return to normal volume.

Many of the playback issues are being worked on for version 3.0, which is still a very long time away.

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Not sure what you mean about vibrato. That has nothing to do with ties or slurs. Vibrato is something that is either present in the sound or not. If it's there in the sound, you will hear on any sufficiently long note regardless of whether ties or slurs involved. So it's possible you actually mean something else, but it's hard to guess.

Maybe you actually mean trills? There is a known bug involving playback of trills on tied notes. If that's not what you mean, best to attach your score and explain which specific notes you are having trouble with, and explain the problem in more detail.

Anyhow, ties are ties, slurs are slurs. If you want the effect of a tie, use a tie and MuseScore will play it correctly (aside from the trill bug). If you want the effect of a slur, use a slur. MuseScore won't play it, but human musicians will.

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Thanks for both replies.
Please listen to the saxophone and C trumpet notes in the attached.

In both instruments, the whether tied or slurred, there is a strong sort of slow vibrato as if it is pulsing. The sound is not steady. Is there any way to get rid of this unsteadiness or sort of vibrato?

In the case of the slurs, there is a short blip between notes

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The short break between slured notes is because there is not real slur playback.
Vibrato is more what you can do with violon, when you can switch sound from normal to pizziocate and vibrato.
To get rid of the sax vibrato you'd need to find a soundfont not having it.

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Yes, as already explained, vibrato is a normal part of the sound of how these particular instruments were played and recorded when this particular soundfont was created. It has absolutely nothing to do with ties or slurs. If you don't like any aspect of the sound of a given instrument in the default soundfont - whether it is the use of vibrato, the type of reed or mouthpiece used, the quality of the attack, whatever - you can always try a different soundfont.

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That is because the next note is not the same pitch as the note you are trying to tie from. The last C in the bar is affected by the sharp on the preceding C but that sharp is cancelled according to standard notation rules at the end of the bar. If you add a sharp to that first note in the next bar the tie will join and the sharp you just added should disappear (if not you can delete it.)

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