Rests at beginning of voice 2 not appearing

• Mar 30, 2017 - 13:58

version: 6347ed6 (and no I cannot update to a newer version - using a school owned mac laptop that I am restricted from installing or changing the software)

In instruments that require 2 parts, if part 2 have a rest at the beginning of the measure, it does not appear. In the attached pict, the whole rest is in part 1, the notes are in part 2 and the eighth rest is missing. A rest does not appear in any way. How do I get a rest to appear in this situation?


Note the instructions given are for how to *fix* the score given it is is already entered differently from what you want. The real solution is to enter it correctly in the first place - left to right for each voice. If you continue to have problems, please attach your actual score (not just a picture) and describe in more detail what you are trying to do.

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I believe I did enter it correctly to begin with. I started by entering the music for voice 2 into the measure (it was then originally in voice 1). I selected the measures that contained the music that was in voice 1 and switched it to voice 2. I then went back to the beginning of the measures and entered the voice 1 part.

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Sorry. I didn't. It never appeared. Here are screenshots of me reproducing the issue.

Pict 1 is the original voice 2 being entered from left to right. This places the music automatically into voice 1.

Pict 2 is what occurs once I select the measures and change the music to voice 2. Notice that there are no rests at the beginning of the measure for voice 2.

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Why not enter the real voice 1 notes first? Then go back to the beginning of the measure to enter the real voice 2 notes - instead of entering the real voice 2 notes into voice 1, then moving them to voice 2, as you have attempted.

Anyway, if notes are already entered into a voice and you wish to exchange them (including any rests) with another voice, see:
For your particular case, this gives better results than using the voice selection toolbar (or the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+1–4) to force the move.


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If I understand correctly, you took your voice 2 notes and entered them into voice 1 first, then moved them into 2. As mentioned, it is better to enter them directly into voice 2, left to right, starting with the rest that would normally be needed. But if you for whatever reason have entered them into the wrong voice first and then need to move them, just be sure to move the rests as well. This happens automatically if you use Edit / Voices instead of the voice buttons to do the moving.

Also, it is easier to understand what might be going on if you attach the actual score, not just a picture, and then describe the problem step by step. Normally, if you enter voice 1 left to right, then enter voice 2 left to right, you should have no problems. Doing things in a different order, or entering notes into the wrong voices first then moving them around, can sometimes work, but it is easier to shoot yourself in the foot that way.

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I've the same Problem:
At first I take the notes for voice 1 for 4 4 notes.
There is automatically a time rest for the hole time between two barlines for voice 1 in the hole system.
I mark the time rest and press the "N" key.
So I press the key "Q" to share the time in two rests with the have time and once again I get the rest for a quater time. In this case I press the key "Cursor right" and the quator rest after the barline is not highlighted. Highlighted is the second quator rest and now I can press e.g. c,d,e and the notes between the barlines ar finish an correct with a quator rest after the barline.
With two times escape I leave this mode.
Now I mark the first note from voice 1, press the "N" key and switch to voice 2.
This area is now marked with a light green color.
At first I miss the hole time rest for the second voice.
If I press the key "Q" to share the time in two half time rests, so the switch to voice 1 is activ. Press I a note key e.g. "c" the note and the time sighs bewteen the two barlines is filled with rest signs for voice 2. In this case I can create with the "Cursor right" key a rest but not at the beginning. I tried to change the first note to a rest but it was not successfull.
I hope my english is well enough.

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In order to do more than guess at the problem we would need you to attach the score you are having trouble with. I'm not quite sure why you are using "Q" - it is a valid key, but it is more for correcting errors, not part of the normal note entry process. So it isn't clear what you are actually trying to do or why.

But as explained above, to enter notes into voice 2, you should do so left to right, starting at the beginning of the measure. So, click the measure, press "N" to enter note input mode,. make sure the cursor is at the beginning of the measure, then press the voice 2 button. Now you can enter rests and notes left to right. The only time this *wouldn't* work is if you had deliberately moved notes between voices or deleted rests from vocie 2, either of which can leave "holes" that cannot be filled except using the method described previously.

So again, if you continue to have trouble, please attach your score so we can advise you better.

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Your description and your handbook show me my mistake the hole time.
The point is to take a rest input I use the "Q" key to share rests. I don't no wy.
In your online handbook you describe the Input for a rest with the "0" key (Zero).
I think I've not read this capitel enough before.
So I've immediately tested with the "Zero" key and what should I say: IT WORKS.
The rest Input can be with the "Zero" key on every positions between the barlines.
I'm so sorry to need your time for a problem that is no problem.
Thank you very much for your help. Musescore is a great program.

To reproduce this issue:

1. Enter 4 quarter notes into voice 1 (4/4 time).
2. Select the second note.
3. Click on the voice 2 icon in the toolbar (or use Ctrl + Alt + 2).

Expected result: The note changes to voice 2 with a 1/4 note rest before and a half note rest after.
Actual result: The initial rest is missing.

A bug?

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