Problems with irregular groups

• Mar 21, 2017 - 14:54

This is the first time this happens to me with Musescore.
I am performing a score that has irregular groups of different sizes, 11,3,5,10, etc.

I have introduced 3.11.5 without problems, all correct.
When I have wanted to in a 4/4 bar enter 4 groups of 10 (as in the image) it prevents me from copying, pasting and the file gives me error when trying to open again.
The form I use in I select the black note (quarter) and choose in the menu "ratio 10/8" as always.

To what can be due, is there a bug?
Thank you

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I'm doing tests.
I deleted the measures that are supposed to create the conflict, I save and close the file, I open it and it does not give error.

I create one by one groups of 10, I keep, I close, I open, no problem.
Now I try to copy the measure and it will not let me, it is as if there was a mathematical failure in the divisions and the program prevents the copy and paste functions

My memory seems to recall it has to do with not being the mathematical smallest version. I *think* that if you were to use 5/4 as a ratio rather than 10/8 it just might work.

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You're right, I try and it's OK, Sélect a quarter note, enter CTRL-5, if you write like this MS make a tuplet of 5 double ?? (I'm French) but , if y triolet.png ou change , just after CTRL-5 you change the sélection of lengh, from Double to Triple, when you enter the first triple, MS add a new "triple" rest. Look the picture.

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I don't mean unexpected rest, I say with this way to ask for lengh triple, MS write for 5 double, but when you enter the first triple, MS write it and write the second triple rest ,so you write the second triple note, and so you can write the 10 triple. For the beam I know, thanks triolet2.png

Thanks guys for the contributions.
I have managed to place the 4 groups of 10 one by one by hand, heh, heh, more work.
The problem is that when you open the file a message pops up.
"On measure 15, pentagram 2, expected 4/4, found 240/320, I give you to ignore and there is no problem (although it is still).
I've exported it to a "daw" with no problem.
In the daw I have verified that the notes do not have the same length, they are unequal, very little.
I'll try to make groups of 5 and see what problems there are, if it works perfect.
The funny thing is that the groups of 11 notes that I did previously did not give me problems, only those of 10

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