Cannot delete bars at end of piece, cannot undo after delete abbr. staff name

• Nov 23, 2008 - 01:15

Using r.1300 under Windows XP, two problems:

1. I cannot delete bars at the end of the piece, in spite of selecting the bar and using Shift-arrow or Shift-click to select the two last bars.
The online manual refers to control-clicking the bar to select it, but this just brings up the contextual menu for me.

2. Also, I selected an abbreviated staff name in the score and pressed delete. I then tried to undo the action but it wouldn't allow it (i.e. it did nothing).
I tried this with another abbreviated staff name and same result.

You will also notice in the attached file, in bar 4 of the piano part there are two extra semiquaver rests here that I cannot delete (select and press delete). They can be made invisible though which I suppose is a workaround.

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Currently the control-click method is the only way to delete although I brought up this topic yesterday on the developers' mailing list (see Deleting measures ).

If control-click (crtl-click) brings up the context menu then it must be due to an unusual setting on your computer. Try looking through the mouse and keyboard settings in your control panel.

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Further to problems when entering the notes with the mouse, I've found that it's necessary to be exceedingly precise as to where in the bar one clicks.
It seems to resolve to the nearest demisemiquaver! (32nd note). Which is annoying.
May I suggest that it might be a good idea for notes to be added sequentially to existing material in the bar when they are clicked in, rather than placed according to where they are clicked in the bar itself.

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At some point, the behavior was changed to resolve to half the duration of the note or rest at the entry cursor. So if you have a 16th note at the note entry cursor, then it will resolve to 32nd note.
See this thread:…

I think that the behavior is not justified to be default, since in most situations, like the one you experienced, you don't want to resolve to half the duration.
However, I don't know of an alternative at the moment.

OK, thanks for the info re. the Control-click.

I am running XP under VMWare on a Mac, and so it seems that this is the reason for the unusual behaviour in this regard. Control-click = right-mouse click on the Mac, and VMWare must be passing this along to XP.

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