Problems building a fully functional program on Linux

• Oct 12, 2012 - 19:20

I'm not sure if this is the best place for this post but would appreciate someone's advice if possible.

Following the compiling instructions for Ubuntu 12.04 using Git you end up with a version of MuseScore with none of the audio features. The warning after installing qt-sdk means that this is not unexpected. However, I'm struggling to understand how to get to an environment which will build a fully functional binary because the phonon backend (whether phonon-backend-gstream or phonon-backend-vlc) is removed by the installation of qt-sdk leaving just phonon-backend-null which comes in the sdk. Installing the backend afterwards removes qt-sdk.

Am I missing something obvious?


As far as I know MuseScore doesn't need Qt Multimedia which in turn use the phonon or the VLC backend. So you should ignore the qt-sdk warnings. It's probably a problem of configuration in the MuseScore, check Edit -> Preferences -> I/O and post a screenshot if you can't make it work.

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Thank you for the reply but it's not just a configuration problem.

I get two error messages if I run mscore from a command line:
"init audio driver failed"
"sequencer init failed"

I am not uploading an image of the Preferences page but there is a difference. In the fully working version (the nightly build) the "Pulseaudio" checkbox is selected by default and I use the default setting. In my build the Pulseaudio checkbox doesn't even exist.

I also compared the dependencies of the nightly build (which works) with my compiled version of MuseScore (with no audio). Both were the same revision but my build lacks links to the following 9 shared libraries:

I also get a warning "Pulseaudio not found" when starting to compile but no errors.

I've done some more investigation of my problem.
The FindPulseAudio.cmake file shows that it is searching for pulseaudio-2.6 but my PulseAudio (checked using "pulseaudio --version") is version 1.1 and apt-get reports this as being the most up-to-date version. Google searches haven't helped me with this so far.

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Do you have a portaudio checkbox in Preferences? If yes, can you try to select this one instead and restart MuseScore?
As far as I understand, the portaudi API is a single and cross platform API interfacing with the sound server on the platform (ALSA, pulse audio, CoreAudio on mac etc...). It might find your Pulse Audio server and solve your sound problem.

If you don't have the portaudio checkbox.... On Linux, the current master can also (or only?) use the Pulse Audio API, directly, and to do this it requires the pulsaudio dev package. Try sudo apt-get install libpulse-dev

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