Version 2.0 problem with stems

• Oct 3, 2012 - 20:36

I've just upgraded to revision c47cad0 on Windows and Mac.

Every file I have opened on Windows seems to have a number of notes with stems which extend from the note head all the way to the top (for upward stems) or bottom (for downward stems) of the page.

I can't see any pattern but it does seem to be the same notes affected each time I open a particular file.

On Mac opening the same files, all stems are normal.


and musescore 771004d compiled this morning.

at first glance the 1st measure of each system is not concerned, and it occurs only on beats (or starts of a beam ?)

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Based on that and looking more closely ... it only seems to be on notes connected with beams. The righthand note of a pair or group with upward stems, and lefthand with downward stems.

It does not affect all groups of notes joined with a beam. Some measures are totally unaffected, others partially affected and some fully affected.

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