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• Oct 3, 2012 - 16:33

I have just started to look at fret diagrams and am a little confused at what should appear in the properties dialog. Everything I have tried so far gives a properties dialog with an editable diagram on the right taking up about a third of the width. The remaining two thirds is a grey rectangle with no label to explain what it might be for and as far as I can tell no way of getting anything to display in it.

Am I doing something wrong? or is this space reserved for something which hasn't been implemented yet?

I've been testing with revision ba582c2 on Windows

If there is a discussion thread anywhere on how this feature should work could someone point me to it please. Other than a few questions and the few lines included in the roadmap document I've not been able to find anything.


As far as I know there is nothing to read about fret diagrams. It was a first experiment and now it's in the code.
What I can say from the code. The left area is a palette, like the one in the palettes dock on the left by default. Users should be able to and, drag and drop diagrams on it. The model of diagrams is an object FretDiagram defined in fret.h, fret.cpp. A diagram can be defined in this dialog and can be dropped in the dock palette.

I see two directions for further improvements.

  1. Make the diagrams more feature complete. Add fingerings, add support for barré, add support for capo etc...
  2. Couple fret diagrams with chordnames. Compute diagram from chordnames and chordnames from diagram.

There is a linked feature with diagram currently and it's the Diagram Frame (in the Frame palette). It's a way to add a frame with a list of used diagram in the song. As it is right now, I would propose to remove or hide this feature for next release and concentrate on the first point of the list above for MuseScore 2.0.

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Thanks for the information. I'll test the "dock palette" later. It would have taken me a very long time to work that out from the code (I'm not a programmer and my knowledge of C++ is limited to say the least).

I've already commented in the thread on fingerings that you've linked to that fingerings won't be readable on diagrams of the current size and I wouldn't have thought it would be desirable to increase the size enough for diagrams above (or below) the staff/TAB. Would that now mean the feature has to provided in conjunction with the Diagram Frame functionality? ("has to" may be a bit strong but hopefully my meaning is clear).

I can see computing chord names from diagrams would be achievable provided 1. an assumption is made that the lowest played string is the root (this may not be the case if it's not a solo piece) and 2. the computation is based on string position and string tunings rather than a database of shapes (seeing how things are normally done in MuseScore I would expect that is the thinking).

Computing diagrams from chord names sounds like a significant challenge as all the possible fingerings of the chord for the current tuning would need to be computed and the user offered all of them in a palette to make a selection. This would be a great feature for some but, whilst obviously linked, I don't see these two things as necessarily being a pair..

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