Stems in Tablature

• Sep 11, 2012 - 20:50

At the moment, note stems and beams are on by default in tablature. This is probably the best setting for an isolated tab but I wonder if it is not too much work it would be convenient to default to 'none' when linked to a pitched staff to avoid clutter as it is redundant in that case.


Note taken of the point.

However, I cannot promise anything, as things are less easy than they may look from outside. I also wonder if the linked pitched+tab setup is really so common as a final product: I assume in most cases is just a temporary setup to make note entering easier, but I believe the final outcome will usually be either the pitched or the tab staff: am I wrong?

As we are at it, do you have any feedback in the new keyboard-only note entry for TAB's? (see this post for details)



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I appreciate a conceptually simple change may not be a simple change to code but do think it's worth bearing in mind at least.

I think you might be surprised at how often the combination of a linked pitched and tab is used as final output. It is useful for teaching and for weaning people off tab ;-) I use it a fair amount when I'm sharing scores with people who I know would struggle with standard notation and I have seen it used in magazines and teaching materials.

I've had a quick look through the keyboard only note entry. It looks comprehensive but I'll give it a try and post some feedback ... I've tended to do things the other way around, entering notes on the pitched staff to generate tab and then moving the notes across strings; probably more long winded but I'm more comfortable with standard notation.

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