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• Feb 18, 2017 - 01:02

I have read the manual on selecting and copying/pasting, and tried several things, but I keep getting lyrics as well as notes. How do I select/copy/paste just notes?


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1. To copy/paste just the notes rather than selecting only note-head, make the selection and use the selector to un-check "Lyrics".

2. Lyrics are connected to notes, so if you filter out their attached voices, they won't select properly. If the selection is small, Ctrl+LeftMouseClick can be used quickly before a Ctrl+C . If the selection is larger, select a lyric and right-click -> Select -> All Similar Elements, or go one more layer by selecting More... and check "same subtype" to allow selection of all lyrics in a system [a complete line] or a voice

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Not. The lyrics are linked with their notes, so by replacing them with new ones the old notes get removed, including all that is attached to them.

What you're looking for (and I believe currently is not supported) is a way to paste pitch information only for multiple notes at the same time.

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So you're saying you have existing notes and lyrics in one section (we'll call them "Notes A" and "Lyrics A"), different existing notes and different existing lyrics ("Notes B" and "Lyrics B" in another section, and you want to replace just the notes in the first section would you have "Notes B" but with "Lyrics A"? If so, I think the way to do that is the other way around - copy "Lyrics A" and paste them only "Notes B". If you also want to have the section with "Notes B" and "Lyrics B", you could first copy that section to a temporary scratch area.

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Marc's answer was a bit confusing, I think I've worked it out though. It's not very easy.
You need to make a scratch area, an extra bar of music at the end of your piece.
Copy and paste whatever original musical idea you want new lyrics over into this scratch area. Now, to add the new lyrics (which you already typed out) to this music:
Select the lyrics that are already written out, then using the View -> Selection Filter, uncheck the "Voice" boxes but leave the "Lyrics" box checked. You're going to only want to select, and then copy your lyrics.
Then, paste these lyrics over the musical material you put in that in that scratch area. Now you have what you want!
Paste this wherever desired.

Is this intuitive, fast, or easy? Not really! Maybe a Musescore 4 update could address this, perhaps by being able to choose what elements we paste, when we copy a bunch of musical/lyrical material.

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There are several different things being discussed here, and it's not clear exactly what you are talking about. Best if you attach a score and describe the goal in more detail. Chances are whatever it is you are trying to do can be done more simply, as the process you're describing does seem kind of awkward and not something I can imagine doing.

In particular, it kind of sounds like you are trying to copy lyrics from one set of notes to another. That's easy - just select the lyrics (eg, click the first, Shift+click the last), then Ctrl_C to copy, click the first destination note, Ctrl+V to paste.

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Marc, I think you have it backwards. We are trying to copy notes but leave the lyrics in tact.

Imagine you are putting the finishing touches on a number and you realize one part sounds a little awkward. You need to change the flow of the notes in a measure (say, measure 8). You play around with it a little bit, and you manage to get it just right. But suppose this same change needs to be made in three other measures (say, measures 12, 16, and 20). We can copy-and-paste the updated music into those other three measures, but the lyrics in those three destination measures will all be overwritten with the lyrics in measure 8 with each paste. Essentially, we are looking for a "Paste the notes only" function after a section has been copied onto the clipboard.

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Well, it's not that I have it backwards - it's that, as I said, different people here are asking about different things, and some are not explained fully.

The solution to your particular case I think is to do it the other way around - copy the notes then copy the lyrics back. So, make a temporary copy of your destination passage, copy the source to the destination, then reinstate the lyrics from the temporary copy you made. That assumes, of course, the rhythms match, but that would need to be the case either way.

This is as I explained in

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