Moving groups of objects

• Aug 26, 2012 - 14:36

Is there any way to move multiple, non-adjacent objects at one time?

I am working with a multi-voice score and every measure of one of the voices starts with a crotchet rest. The position of the rest is identical in every measure but it is too close to the lower voice. I would like to be able to move every one up by the same amount. Is there any way of doing this without selecting and moving each one individually?


You can move some types of objects as a group - markings attached to notes, etc - but not notes or rests themselves. What I when I find myslef in a similiar situation (mostly when entering drum parts) is to use copy and paste liberally. If you fully select a manually moved rest (so blue rectangle shows) then copy it, you can paste it anywhere and the manual positioning remains intact.

At least, this is the case in the current version. I father from another post you might also be experimenting with the nightly builds for 2.0. If so, you should probably ask in the Technology Preview forum, as often, the answers to how to do things are quite different depending on whether you are using the current version or a future one.

This is related: I guess it is also not possible to move other groups of objects, e.g. three text objects "pizz.", "ord.", "col. batt." simultaneously up or down. I am constantly moving one up, then the next etc.

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Actually, now that it's twelve years later than this thread was started (!), it's quite possible, using either the offset in the Properties panel, or drag. Also see the Align plugin. Or, if you wish all your texts to be higher, simply set the style defaults. Lots of options here other than moving things individually. If you need further help, please start a new thread, attach your score, and explain what you are trying to adjust and why, and we can assist better.

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