Making fingering invisible

• Aug 26, 2012 - 11:37

Is there any way to make fingering invisible? The context menu for an object inserted from the fingering palette doesn't seem to have "set invisible" as an option.

My problem is this; I have a pair of linked staves, one is a standard pitched staff, the other is tablature. When I insert fingering markings they appear in both staves (as I would expect for linked staves). However, they cause confusion in the tablature as they look like additional notes. Ideally I would like to set them to invisible. I prefer to work with linked staves so can't delete them as that would delete the fingering on the standard notation as well. As a work around I am moving them off the page. Setting them to invisible individually would be neater (but no less work). It would be nice if fingering could be set to invisible globally for the tablature, or even not inserted at all (I don't think I've ever seen tablature with fingering included and wonder if anyone would want it).


I don't know if there is something about fingering or linked tab staves that makes this not work, but the normal way to hide a bunch of similar things would be to simply select them all (right click one, select->all similar elements in same staff) the right click and set invisible. In 2.0, you can use "V" as a shortcut to set invisible.

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FYI, in 2.0, "Set Invisible" has been moved from the right click menu to the new Inspector windows - not just for fingerings, but for everything. The "V" shortcut was added when a number of us pointed out that this made hiding objects harder than it already was.

I cannot say if it would be feasible or not, but just in case:

Would it make sense to block fingerings from being added to tablature staves? Or at least from being carried over from another linked stave? As brod pointed out, fingerings look too similar to TAB own fret marks to be of real use.


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Would it make sense to block fingerings from being added to tablature staves
No :) What would make sense is a way to choose for one linked staff the thing you want to be synchronized or not. That should apply on linked staves in the same score and for score/parts link too. Default configuration according to staff type would be great but after the general one.

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