Deleting and also courtesy note

• Feb 2, 2017 - 22:03

Hi . I have a crescendo line which will not delete (unfortunately saved) is there a way ? It does disappear on printed score. Also a courtesy can often be seen in the next bar (often in brackets) following a sharp or flat note. Is there a way of entering this . Terry


As far as the crescendo is concerned, you need to upload the score here so we can see what's going on with it. It sounds like a corruption.

The courtesy accidental can be added by clicking the accidental in the note entry toolbar, then click the accidental. Expand the accidentals palette (F9 opens palettes if they're closed for some reason) and double click the () which will be applied to the accidental you have selected.

this crescendo line might be a know issue with elements dragged off the page. Take another such line (add one if needed), right-click, select all similar, Ctrl-R to reset their positions to default, now you should be able to select and delete that 'stray' line (and the one you might have added as per this instrunctions)

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