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• Jan 28, 2017 - 04:21

Sometimes, it's hard to find out where something changed, e.g. if the layout changes, or (virtually always) when undoing or redoing things.

It would be nice if, in such cases, the new cursor position / the position in which something was last undone/redone would be made visible, or at least, there would be a way to do it (key?).

This is especially as I often don't know what was/would be undone/redone, as MuseScore does not show that in the menu (like some other programs, I think Inkscape does) and sometimes undo if I don't know if I did something or hit the wrong key or did something else wrong entirely.


I have run into this often. In other (not music notation) programs, if you scroll your cursor off the screen and make an entry, the screen puts itself back on the current location, not true in MS. The last note entered is still selected, so theoretically pressing the up then down button should leave the note unchanged and return your current location back to the screen.

It does return the screen to the cursor if you enter a note, which can usually be undone with ctrl-z.

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Right, I experience this all the time too. Yes, you can see the current position in the status bar, but it would be really nice if, for example, the current position was shown with a yellow highlight background that spans the whole height of the measure to make it very obvious where it is. If you scroll to another page to check something or if you start and stop playback, right now the only visual indication you have of the current location is a small blue note/rest/whatever. When you are looking at a whole page of notes that is really hard to spot.

I don't really understand the question. I also don't seem to have such a problem with MS. Can you give examples? Which way do you enter your score?

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You can use any score you like that is long enough to use the mouse wheel to scroll the current cursor location off of the screen. In the hypothetical (actually happened to me many times) situation where you are looking at another part or parts for what ever reason. You forget where you were at entering a note. If you clicked on the page somewhere to deselect the current note, you have no way of automatically returning to that spot. If you use the undo/redo method, the status at the bottom will show you what is selected after the undo, but you then have to move to that measure some other way. MS does not move the screen to show what was undone. Basically there is no automatic way to return to the last spot you were editing.

I enter all my scores in continuous view using the computer keyboard.

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Oh, one can scroll with a mouse wheel? Then I probably need to set up mouse wheel emulation for my laptop… (it’s been ages since I last used an actual mouse… probably when I last played a game other than text, DOS or emulator based)

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TIL: X11 mouse wheel emulation (X.org method only works with mouse buttons, which is a no-go):

$ sudo apt-get install xdotool xbindkeys
$ cat >~/.xbindkeysrc <<\EOF
"xdotool click 4"
"xdotool click 5"
$ xbindkeys


Then use 🔈▾ and 🔈▴ keys (which somehow don’t do anything for me anyway) to scroll.

To figure out which key to use, use xbindkeys -k then press the key, it will tell you.

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