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• Dec 27, 2016 - 23:23

Hello Musescore users and team, first congratulate you on these holidays and wish you a good new year 2017.

I thought if you could implement a "mute-solo" faster and more effective than doing it from the mixer.
Selecting the key and accessing the context menu could mute the instruments or make them sound alone.

It's just an idea, I could use a lot of it and I think it's useful when you have many staves.

A greeting and I leave a picture.

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I like this idea! I think to click on the instrument name and then accessing the context menu with those options would be good. I do this often when writing music, and it's the only reason I have the mixer open.

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Opening the mixer isn't so bad if all the instruments show up on one screen. Scrolling through the mixer is a hit and miss adventure, you never know what you might accidentally screw up in the process.

There is currently no remedy, but that's why this is a feature request and one I like.

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That's the problem.
If you have a string quartet in the mixer you have 12 lists (string, pizz, tremolo) now you add flute and x instruments and the mixer is chaotic.
That way it is very fast and avoids mistakes and confusion.
For this reason I find it interesting to propose.
When a score has many instruments the mixer is not appropriate to mute.

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