up down arrow keys don't work

• Apr 5, 2016 - 18:36

I have just upgraded to 2.0.3 on Windows 7. Thanks to all involved.

However I find that the up down arrow keys for raising and lowering notes no longer work. (It does work for the score I opened as I started up the program, but not for other scores or a new score.) They worked fine on all previous versions. The right left arrow keys work fine.
I am attaching a bit of score which has this issue.

(I notice also that the repeat measure sign ignores fermatas during playback. This was not the case in 2.0.2.
Also, the piano roll no longer shows changes to time or length, they work, but the horizontal line indicating the note remains the same.)

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I have done some further experimenting, and it seems that the up down arrow problem only happens after the piano roll editor is opened. After that, the arrows work only for that score but no others. (Could this be related to the new feature enabling up/down from the piano roll?)

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If you had used the piano roll, this is a known issue, fixed itself when you restart. If you mean something else, please explain in further detail what you mean - in what specific context are the keys not working (they do things in different contexts)? Can you attach the score you are having trouble with and precise steps to reproduce the problem?

For example, in My First Score, it *should* work to click the word "Title" and press up arrow - each time you do, the title moves up a little. Or, click the first measure, press N to enter note input mode, type C to enter a C, then up arrow - it should change to a C#. Are you saying one or both of these operations don't work after restarting MuseScore? if so, also try Help / Revert to Factory Settings - it's possible you inadvertently changed those shortcuts.

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