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• Oct 18, 2008 - 00:53

OK another question...

I have two voices with their own stems. Although the voice notes land on the same beat, I want the notes to be slightly off-center of each other so their stems are distinguishable. How can this be done?



I should clarify I actually have 3 or more voices, so just moving the stems up or down won't necessarily distinguish them.

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If you double click the note-head, you can enter edit mode. From there, you can shift the position of the note around with arrow keys. I just encountered this myself. Another useful key in edit mode is Home, which restores the element to its original position.

It would be nice to automatically offset, say the middle voice of a 3-voice staff, in certain situations, but I'm not sure of the notational rules regarding this.

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Ah, thanks. I think I tried that before but didn't think it worked. It seems that it doesn't take effect until you click off the note (exit edit of the note) after pressing the arrow a few times. So I didn't notice it working. Thanks!

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Thanks David, that's very helpful.

Combined with that, I'm doing classical guitar scoring, which has some it's own needs. Here is the example I was fussing with:

I'd like to make that 1/3 be a symbol for 1/3 if I can. And I'd like to grow the stem in that 8th note at the last half beat a little further. For some reason, the program wasn't letting me do that by double clicking on it as in quarter note stems...

So far, though, things are working out very well with MuseScore. It's a very nice piece of software. :)

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Ah, the Classical guitar. We of course have many demands in the way of polyphony since we try and fit everything on one stave. I'm working on an arrangement of a 3-voice Bach piece and things are getting messy. Better positioning of notes in polyphony is something I'd like to improve. I hope you have found the guitar-specific notations as well in the Palette. Circled string numbers should be in the Fingering palette in recent versions, as well as pimac. Also, at the bottom of the Lines palette, you can find the barre indication, which it looks like you are using already.

Regarding the 1/3 symbol, see a recent thread about a similar issue. Your best bet is to copy/paste it in.

The reason you're having trouble double clicking that 8th note stem is perhaps because it's so close to the hook and note head that MuseScore thinks the other things are what you want selected. You can pretty easily get around this by zooming in so you can make a precise selection of the note stem. I imagine it's kind of confusing that editing the note hook doesn't let you change the stem length (and it doesn't serve much other useful purpose at the moment).

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Thanks for the tips, that's great.

I did look in Fingering for string numbers but couldn't find them. I'm running version 0.9.3.

If you find them, let me know. :)

I'll have to look around for a 1/3 somewhere I could copy/paste in. I'm not sure it's part of any font. For guitar, it would be handy if the MuseScore had symbols for 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, and 5/6 for the bars. But I'm not complaining, this is an excellent program.

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Just resurrecting this thread to let you know that I've added fractions to the text palette in r1274.

From the ChangeLog:

  • add fractions to text palette symbols
  • automatic conversion of simple fractions ("1/2", etc) and
    copyright symbol "(C)" into symbols in Text elements
    after hitting Space, Return, or Tab

I'm having the exact same issue but the resolution described here did not work for me.

I double-clicked to go into edit mode, used the arrow to move one note over to the right.

However, the other note appears invisible. You can see the stem, but not the note. It doesn't matter how far over you move the other note. As long as it resides on the same line as the first note, the first note appears invisible. Move it to any other line and the first note appears again.

Any other solutions??

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I am not able to reproduce the problem you describe. Does the note head remain invisible even after closing and reopening the document. If you able to reproduce your problem it would be helpful create a simple example, attach the file here, and give step-by-step instructions for reproducing the bug.

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Using version 0.9.3 Revision 1102.

You have 4 beats to a measure. The last two notes on the measure (voice 1) are quarter notes with quarter notes below them (voice 2). Let's say the the first note in this measure is a half note (using voice 1, lets say it's an F) and there are two voice 2 quarter notes below that which have a tie - the second quarter note being offset to the right (hence a total of 4 quarter notes (voice 2) running along the bottom of this measure. The first of these two quarter notes is sharing the F space with the half note. The half notes stem is up and the quarter note is down. I double-click the half note to go into edit mode and then hit the right arrow key several times to offset it to the right of the quarter note. I then have to click somewhere else on the page to "release" control and see the changes. The half note appears as it should but the black dot portion of the quarter note cannot be seen. The downward stem is there, but the note itself is not.

I have close, reopened, rebooted, reinstalled - all to no effect. I downloaded one or three of the recent beta revisions. This appears to have been fixed in those versions, but each of those versions doesn't detect any of my sound setup therefore I cannot play anything. So, I went back to using the stable release.

Does this all make sense?

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Sound is broken in the last (maybe last couple) beta releases due to work on MIDI keyboard support for WIndows. This should be fixed when the next prerelease comes out. See this thread for details.

I would recommend using a beta version since your invisible-note bug has been fixed there. I think you'll also find the automatic stem directions in 0.9.4 handy.

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I downloaded r1284 that was posted earlier. Yes, the sound works great now. Thanks!

However, I discovered another bug. I have not been able to figure out how to easily add two connected by a beam. From the instructions I found it's supposed to kind of do it automatically. They say you can select the first note, though, and then double-click on the appropriate icon in the palette in the Beam Properties dropdown.

First, that doesn't appear to work.

Second, let's say you create two quarter notes. You select the first note by clicking it once. Open that category in the palette and double click on the first icon there. Nothing happens. I can then click anywhere on the page or click on a note. Then if you click any note on the page, the program crashes with a generic Runtime Error in mscore.exe.

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