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• Nov 13, 2016 - 14:27

Hello ! The IvyAudio - Piano in 162 is a very nice sfz of a sampled Steinway Model B Grand Piano, and it's free. It can be downloaded as a kontakt file or (more important) as a SFZ. The library is about 4.6GB.
The problem is that I can't load it in MuseScore.
Is there a limit in the size of the SFZ Musescore can manage with ?

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The current stable version of MuseScore (2.0.3[.1]) doesn't support IvyAudio. Our SFZ engine (Zerberus) has been improved greatly over the summer by hpfmn and now more or less does support this.
The only caveat is that the SFZ is loaded entirely in memory; so you would need at least that much free RAM when loading the soundfont. You can already test this in one of our master nightly builds. Be warned that those builds are meant for testing and development only and should not be used for everyday use.

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I don't think RAM is a problem to me.
My PC is a new one : i5 6600, Motherboard GA-Z170-HD3 and 32GB of DDR4 (Crucial Ballistix Sport LT).
I will test the nightly built.
Thanks !

EDIT : I does not work with the latest nightly built. Shit ! I saw that the samples were in FLAC. Is it a problem ?
I used audacity for a batch convertion in WAV. It did not work too (Audacity converted the flac in WAV but in 32 bits...is it the reason it did not work ?)

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FLAC should work. When you say it doesn't work, what happens exactly?

FWIW, I manage to load IVY Ambient FLAC in a MuseScore nightly on MacOSX. It takes quite some time to load (like 30 seconds) and then the playback is very soft. (You first need to change the sound in the mixer). To get some hearable sound, I need to put my volume all the way up and change the volume of the synthesizer too.

Zerberus in 2.0.3 cannot load files greater than around 4GB.

I assume that is because MuseScore is currently a 32 bit application, and so can't address memory addresses beyond 4GB.

The reason, however that Zerberus won't load the samples is because of the spaces in the folder name.

If you rename the Piano in 162 Samples folder to Piano_in_162_Samples and then hack the SFZ files to reflect this change it will start to load in Zerberus, but fails when it reaches the 4GB RAM limit.

Hello ! And thanks for your answers. When trying to use the IvyAudio piano, It starts loading but after a certain time, it fails with an error message. The 32bits limit seems to be consistent with my problem.
I'll check the 64bits Musescore version tonight. I'll give you a feedback.

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EDIT : Ok! It worked with the 64bits MuseScore. But the sound is not very good, even when increasing the overall volume.
Finally, Slamander is still the best for me.
Bye !

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