Corrupted score file (notes disappeared), MS 1.2 (5470)

• Jun 3, 2012 - 21:44

I've been working at this score for a while now, every day appending bits at the end, only to now find that some of the notes at the beginning of the score, which hasn't at all been touched since I created the file, have disappeared (leaving, for instance, only two quarter notes in a 4/4 measure, with no rests to fill in the missing two quarters).

Can anyone suggest what might have caused this? Thinking about it, it's not the first time this is happening with MS: I've had notes mysteriously disappear before, but I everytime thought it must have been somehow my own mistake. This time I am positive that I did nothing to that part of the score, only added notes to the end of it.

Any help much appreciated!


As usual, posting the score would help a lot. There are a few known situations that can lead to corruptions that result in measures with too few (or too many) notes - mostly involving odd time signature, tuplets, copy/paste, and/or multiple voices (usually at least two of those in combination). But seeing the score might provide other clues.

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Many thanks for your help, see attached. The score is a transcription whereby I'm only interested in note heights and not in durations, and therefore I input all notes from the MIDI keyboard as quarter notes.

The missing notes were in the first bar, however I have in the meantime replaced them, and overwriten the file... hopefully if there's something "wrong" with the file that lead to this problem in the first place, then it will still be visible.

A copy/paste operation might well have been the cause, because I've done many of these in an attempt to shift notes forwards (something that I know MS does not allow to be done in an easier way), however all cut/paste operations were done towards the end of the file, not at the beginning where the missing notes occurred.

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There definitely appear to be corrupt measures - measure 2 and 11 are both missing beats, for example. But unfortunately, I don't see anything to suggest how the corruption occurs. Copy/paste in itself normally works fine; I use it all the time and so do most people. It's only certain cases involving tuplets, odd time signatures, or multiple voices that I know of that can cause corruption, and none of that seems to apply here. You didn't change time signatures at some point, did you? Or perhaps create this score by starting with another then deleting the contents? The score you started from might have already been corrupt.

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No, I never used any tuplets, odd time signatures, or multiple voices in this particular score, nor changed the time signature at any point.

The score was based on a template for piano score with 2 separated tracks for the LH and RH, a .mscz file that someone on this forum kindly provided (might have been you Marc! :) ). Although I don't see what could be wrong with it, since it was an empty file. I attach that template here.

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