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Just looked over the handbook and couldn't find my answer to the following: when I'm adding dynamics to my tenor voices (Musescore 2) in my choral pieces, it's a bit annoying that a) whether I drag the dyamic or b) whether I select the note and double click the dynamic, the dynamic always falls BENEATH the staff, not above it, as it should.

Can someone direct me about whether I'm doing something wrong or if this is just a bug? It would save a lot of time.



deleted, wrong answer (unconcentrated).

You can adjust the dynamics via inspector or in general in the menu Style->Text;choose dynamics and change the vertical offset

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Thanks, but I still have one issue: I've managed to get what I want with my current score. I made a new score with voices, however, and the old issue came up again. But I'd like this rule to hold for all future scores I make. Is there a way to make all future scores follow this same rule of getting the dynamic to appear above the staff when I drag/double click the desired dynamic for a particular note?

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You can also see the Handbook under "Custom palette" to learn how to customize the behavior of the default dynamics or add news ones. Dynamics below the staff are correct for almost all music - vocal music is about the only exception. So it probably makes sense to keep the current dynamics as they are, but maybe add new customized ones as well that are set up to appear above. To set them to appear above, add one to your score, then right click and use Text Properties to change its vertical position, then add it back to the palette as described in the Handbook.

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