loading: a part disappears

• Oct 7, 2016 - 14:19

Hi to everyone

I've posted a topic on the french forum. Cadiz1 told me not to know what was the reason of my issue:

when I download a score from MS, opened directly in MS, the score appears with one part, though the original score is in two parts. If I open with acrobat, everything is fine. I encountered this issue three times, three different scores. But it's not permanent: with other score I wrote, it's goes well. The score is 'un peu gai'.
Thank you!



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hi jojo
Absolutely. I noticed that I have just downloaded another file that i recently updated, it indicates a file size: 6.3ko, though the actual size on my desktop is 8.38ko. Perhaps there is a lag before the server allows me to download the updated version. That is to say that i probably have to wait a while before downloading the updated version. If i do it too soon, it sends me the old version. Might it be the reason? I think so....

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