plugin: console.log not working Linux but working on WIndows?

• Oct 6, 2015 - 00:48

When I open the plugin creator and click on the "New" icon a minimal "Hello World" example appears.
The important line

console.log("Hello World!")

shows in the console as

debug: Hello World!

when I run MuseScore on a Windows machine.
But on my Linux Fedora 22 system, the console window stays white and empty.
Not having a working console.log() command on my Linux box makes creating and debugging mscore2 plugins a real nightmare :-(


On my Fedora 22 system I cloned the latest GIT sources, and compile and installed myself following the instructions in

Unstable Pre-release version 2.1.0
Revision 3523170

Qt version 5.5.0

On my WIndows box I simply downloaded the latest stable Windows installer from the Musescore website,

I've the same problem:
Working when using Wine and the windows version, but when using linux the console.log() has no effect anywhere (no output).

Fedora 23
kernel 4.7.5
qt 5.6.1

not builded by myself but used repo version:
Musescore 2.0.3 3c7a69d

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