Aligning chord names above chord diagrams

• Sep 1, 2016 - 07:18

Hi everyone,
Wondering if anyone can help with the default formatting of chord names over chord diagrams. Currently the align to the right. Ideally I would like to centre them. I can drag them hand but it's very imprecise and time consuming. Is there a place I can change this?
Example is attached for reference.
Thanks everyone,

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Well, it is the other way round, the fretboard diagram apparently is left aligned. Check what happesn when you change the number of strings. with 6 strings it aligns with the chord symbol, reducing strings does so by taking them away on the right hand side without moving the diagram, so ist left edge stays at the same place, similar when adding strings.

You can change their horizontal offset in the Inspector, even all on one go, select one, right-click, select all similar, then change horizontal Offset. 0.50sp should be good for 4-string diagrams

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