Lyric syllable disappears when changing note

• Aug 29, 2016 - 13:57

I have been burned enough by this now over the years to report this as a bug.

While doing final proofing to a vocal score, that contains lyrics, I often find a mistake in the pitch of notes. When correcting, I can select the note and move it up or down with the arrow keys to the correct pitch (easy if it off just a bit) which does not affect the lyric underlay. However, if you correct the note by typing in the pitch letter (a-g) from the keyboard, it acts by removing the note (and lyric syllable) and entering the note fresh (as if entered in note entry mode). It should just adjust the pitch of the existing note and preserve the lyric syllable.

I have made this mistake several times over the years in proofreading. Fixed pitches and thought my score was finished, only to find a syllable gone from the lyric underlay.


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It's not a bug - it's intended behavior - see my previous response. Works the same as entering a new note in note input mdoe - that's the point. Whether that behavior could be change without making things worse by breaking expectations in other use cases is an open question. But anyhow, in normal note input mode, typing a letter replaces the full chord. Repitch mode is indeed what changes pitch.

Typing a letter *is* the same as going to note input mode and entering that pitch - it creates a whole new chord. This happens to not be what you want in this case, but simply changing the pitch of the selected note within the existing chord might not be what you want in other cases. So it's a tough call. I'd say it's best to simply not get in the habit of using note input (typing a letter name) as a way of correcting pitches, or get out of it if you are in it already. But it's definitely worth considering the pros and cons of such a change. I personally rely on the fact that entering sa ntoe in this way *does* completely replace whatever is underneath it, but really, hitting a letter key while not in note input mdoe is kind of a "cheat" anyhow, I should really enter note input mode first (just as you should use the arrow keys :-).

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