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• Aug 15, 2016 - 02:53

I don't know how hard this would be, but a few of us, at least, would greatly benefit from having automatic word wrap in vertical-frame text. It probably wouldn't be all that useful in horizontal frames--the amount of text you can fit into one of those is too limited--but I'm writing a method right now and find that I'm doing lots of explaining along the way. I'm using vertical frames and adding text rather than just using text boxes because you have more control over score spacing that way; after starting out with text boxes, I abandoned them because they just don't do the job as well.

The drawback with this--and it's a HUGE drawback--is that, as any experienced writer will tell you, writing must always be revised. Lots and lots. And without word wrap, every time you make even a small change--just adding or deleting a phrase of merely three short words, let alone making bigger revisions--you have to realign every single bleeping sentence by hand. It's awful and makes me want to use
some other program.

I know Musescore is not a word processor and this request is a minority kind of thing--most folks probably aren't using it to write methods--but surely other users have also been frustrated by this problem from time to time, if on a smaller scale. Might it be a possible addition for v. 3?


While it is certainly possiblew this feature could be added some day, I would say that trying to add a whole method book worth of text to a score is not really a good way to work. Not just word wrap, but many other very basic features (search/replace, paragraph styles, etc) would be lacking. Much much better would be to use MuseScore to generate the musical examples, then export them as graphics (eg, using the image capture tool at the right end of the toolbar, or using something like the MuseScore Example Manager for LibreOffice / OpenOffice) and importing them into a regular text document created in a word processor. I've written several books this way; it's absolutely the way to go.

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I'd still say, if there is enough text where word wrap is a significant issue, it's way easier to incorporate even hundreds of examples from MuseScore into a text document than to deal with even a dozen non-wrapping text blocks in MuseScore. Especially if you use the LibreOffice and can take advantage of the extension I mentioned. You might want to at least give a shot.

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Maybe OLE technology (Object Linking and Embedding) between Musescore and some offices could be helpful. If someone needs make short musical examples in text or other documents, he may inside of the document editor insert as object score editable by musescore. If someone would need some text objects in his score, could insert OLE object of editable text document into the Musescore.

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I did look into OLE, but it seems to be not used much and not well supported anymore, and much more work to implement.

Meanwhile, I have stopped supporting the LibreOffice extension as too much changed in their plugin framework to keep up with. So instead, I have added a "copy with link to score" option to the right-click menu on the Image Capture tool within MuseScore. Now, all you need to do is capture the image this way from within MuseScore, and paste into LibreOffice, and the image pastes with the link back to the score in the same way as the extension used to do. So you can still edit it via Ctrl+click. This has the advantage of at least potentially working with other word processors, although in my brief test, Word at least doesn't seem to support this form of paste.

I have to admit, the idea of an actual plugin to a word processor deliberately designed to work with Musescore is rather attractive. I'll think about it. Problem is, I'm a WordPerfect addict; there's still nothing on the planet that compares to the under-the-hood control offered by Reveal Codes (M$'s similarly named feature is nothing like it). And OpenOffice is pretty much a Word clone, so I don't use it and definitely don't want a huge app like that cluttering my system when it'll be used for only a single project.

That said, once again, the idea of a word-processor that has actually been interfaced w/Musescore is appealing indeed. You've put me in a pickle, Marc...

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