Layout question

• Jul 11, 2016 - 06:41

Hi everyone,
Sorry if this is obvious, but I am struggling with my formatting.
Q: How can I increase the number of bars per line?
When organising the layout, I will sometimes make some space if too cluttered by putting line breaks in (pressing enter on a barline). But often after doing this a few times, a short piece will then go over 2 pages with only two bars per line. I can never get it back to one page. The stretch function { doesn't seem to work for me. Generally, I find getting the bars/lines as I want them to be difficult so any advice gratefully received.
Hopefully this question makes sense.


If removing the line brewaks doens't solve your problem, please attach the specific score you having problems with and describe where you want more measures on a line so we can give better advice. Sometimes you need to reduce stretch several notches, sometimes there is simply no way to force more measures onto a line without creating collisions unless you reduce the staff size in Layout / Page Settings, and/or reduce the minimum distance between notes in Style / General / Measure.

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