• Jun 15, 2016 - 23:53

I know a few people use KXStudio on this forum.

1) I have downloaded the iso, written to a USB, and tried to live boot it from usb drive. It doesn't seem to go past the splash screen. I can't seem to get to a start menu. is it because the USB is only 2GB?

I did get it to work before, and for the first time using any Linux Music software (ie Ubuntu Studio, AV Linux) I had some sound :) KXStudio was the only one that worked. Then, I did something and - no sound (:

2) I have read that I can use KXStudio on Windows. How do I do this?

3) Does anyone here use it with VST's from Winows and/or a combination of Reaper VST plugins. I guess what I want to know is - If I use KXStudio as a standalone operating system, then use Reaper through WINE, would I then be able to use the yamaha TX16Wx plugin and/or other software plugins via Reaper as it's host? (I did try linux sampler on Windows, but failed to get this to work)

4) The Musescore on Linux has a different apparance - can I change the appearance on the Windows version?


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Thanks for your reply. I checked the preferences, and could only find Canvs >paper or background. Maybe I can't change it then :(

Thanks for the link. One of the reasons I asked on this forum is because I hopefully would receive answers in plain english :) I do know that some of the posters on this forum are using kXstudio. Unfotunately with most of the linux studio operating systems, I seem to spend a lot of the time looking for solutions to problems instead of any productive music making :(
With Musescore, I usually have a solution within a day - through other posters links. Even plugins for Libreoffic worked immediately. Trying to unerstand some of the answers on the other forums can be time consuming, an I come from a computer music background (from a long time ago mind :) )

I hope I haven't rambled on a bit too much :)

edit... I even had Musescore up and running on a few Linux distros :)

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