Supress Page numbering?

• Jan 29, 2012 - 16:47

Is there a way to turn off page numbering in 1.1?

I'm working on scores intended to be read on a tablet,automatically scrolling which makes page numbering irrelevant.


Do you mean the page numbers that appear on the pages themselves? Should work to simply turn off page numbers in Style->Edit General Style->Numbers.

You could also just define the page size to be one very tall strip, although I'm not sure how the viewer on the tablet would handle that.

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Thanks for that Marc. I knew it was there somewhere but couldn't remember where :)

I did try with one long strip, but the scrolling didn't allow for reading ahead - I've found the optimum is to set the page size so that you get two bars per page and with the 1st half of the next page visible on the screen - the scroll then allows you to read the 1st half of the next bar before the page "turns" as it were :)

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