Fonts: Which ones?

• May 16, 2016 - 13:09

After some trial and error, I found out that I was correctly changing the Fonts ie. Style>Music symbols font>select one of the following:

Emmentaler Bravura, Gonville

I wanted to know what do most people use? and Why? Does it make a difference when printed compared to viewing on a screen? (as a PDF document)

In the music text font, the selection also includes Muse Jazz. Is there a Muse Jazz Music symbol font, or a jazz font plugin? (perhaps I should have looked at the plugins subforum first :))

I also noticed that if I typset my music first, and then change the Music symbol font, the layout changes.

I suppose I will have to experiment :)


I'm just an end user, look some conversations:
For some publishers,they tell me, (BÄRENREITER URTEXT, G. Henle Verlag, etc.) eg. it is required the exact location of the alterations…
The instrumental signs must be placed from the staff, from the head and stem of the note to a distance of 0.5 Stave space (half space) you can adjust them with the Inspector

For layout: When you change the font, or font size, a word processor fit the text on the page. MuseScore works in a similar way.

I hope will come more comprehensive answers ;-)

It's subjective. Different people have different preferences. But FWIW, Emmentaler is based on the font designed for LilyPond (one of the most sophisticated music typesetting programs available). Bravura was developed by folks who were formerly with Sibelius but are now working on a new notation program for Steinberg. Gonville was developed by a MuseScore user, not sure what it might have been based on.

I use Emmentaler because I don't see a reason not to use the default.

There is not currently a music font companion for the MuseJazz text font, but one is being developed by the same person who developed Gonville.

Yes, changing music font cna affect layout, since symbosl are different sizes. In most cases it won't be a noticeable difference, but if you have a system somewhere that is just on the edge of being able to fit a particular measure or not, switching fonts could make the difference. And that could have a ripple effect throughout the rest of the score. To help protect your layout, you might consider running Edit / Tools / Add/Remove Line Breaks and choosing the option to add breaks to the end of each line, then selecting all and reducing stretch a couple of notches. The stretch reduction will have no visible effect since the system layout is now locked, but it give give MuseScore some "breathing room" should you switch to a font with larger symbols.

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Did Gootector create Gonville? I thought he just adapted the LilyPond version (

I would like to use Emmentaler myself, but as my platform is OS X I run afoul of #33481: Problems with kerning—too little space to the left of, too much space to the right of "f" dynamics in Emmentaler text. So I use Bravura, unless I'm doing some little thing that doesn't happen to include any of those dynamics.

EDIT: I missed lasconic's reply.

ok. Thanks for your advice :)

I do like all three of them actually, I think Bravura looks nice, but so do the others.

It looks like the most sensible workflow would be to choose/decide on the music font symbol first. That (to me) would be the simplest solution.

Now what about a third party font, a commercial font. Does version 2.02 (or 2.03) allow for using different fonts?

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No it's not possible to use a third party font. There is only one font that I know would be compatible for the moment (November) and if it was possible and you send your file to someone who doesn't own it then we would need to fallback, and as explained the layout of the score could be different.

I am new to MuseScore and I am absolutely happy and satisfied except for the
fonts. I do not see perfectly well and I would love to be able to produce a score close to
the Henle fonts which I think are the most easily visible and readable to me.

In fact the whole purpose of Musescore for me is to use it to reprint the scores I use more easily readable.

I would greatly appreciate if someone tried this before and can perhaps give me some hints.
One might play, I see, with the line thicknesses etc but this looks like a very daunting job that requires perfect eye sight to begin with.

Kind regards and sincere thanks!

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I would start by using menu item: Layout / Page Settings; then, in 'Scaling', increase the 'Staff space' to something like 2.500mm. Next, lower that value until you begin to have trouble reading the score.
(The 'Scaling' adjustments work sort of like a magnifying glass as you increase the 'Staff space'.)


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