Skipping voltas during playback, when in "no repeat" mode

• May 7, 2016 - 14:03

I love the playback features, including the option to playback without repeats. However, the notes are out of context when playing two sets of voltas in a row, when playing back in "no repeats" mode. It is the final volta note set that bridges to the next section of the music. The earlier voltas bridge back to the start of the repeat, which is being skipped in the "no repeats" playback mode.

When in "no repeats" mode, it would be nice (not essential) to have a playback option to skip all notes within volta brackets that are immediately before an end-repeat bar line. The last volta, following the end-repeat bar line, would still be played during playback.

MuseScore blows me away with its features, completeness and flexibility.

This feature request is simply in the category of "Now that I have everything, wouldn't it be nice to..."

Wonderful job, designers and implementers! Thank you!


I disagree. I guess it depends on *why* you are turning off, but for me, the main reason is I just want to check my work while composing. Having some measures skipped is not conducive to this - I want to hear all measures played, but I want them played once only.

I guess if you are using the playback as a an end in itself rather than as a means to help one get an idea of what things sound like, you might want it skipping sections of the piece. To me, though, that sort of "performance mode" stuff is more suited to the mobile app. We could of course add a "performance mode" to MuseScore as well, I suppose.

The desktop (Windows in my case) version of MuseScore has a button to enable/disable the repeats. The mobile player app does not appear to have this function. I tried turning off the repeats on the desktop, saving the file and uploading it to MuseScore, and it played correctly (no repeats) the first time I loaded it into the mobile app. But the next time I loaded it from, the repeats came back. The only way I can get around it is to create a special score with the repeats removed, using Windows. Is there a better way to control this, or is there a control I haven't found on the mobile app?

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you must have been dreaming (about playing it without repeats the first time), 'Play Repeats' is not a score setting, so won't travel along with the score.
The mobile app and the website are not being dealt with here but over on

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