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• Apr 28, 2016 - 12:52

I want to individually increase bar sizes to make my sheet more easy to read in live situations!

This sign on my keyboard for increase of bar sizes is working perfect in other software and/or text editors. But in Musescore that button doesn't make any different at all. The connection between the key and the function is dead!

Whats wrong?

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Of course I could share it!

But since it is under production for rehearsals on Friday and a concert on Saturday I am still in the arrangement mood. I must inform you that its not ready for official spotlight until somewhere between midnight and sunrise this night. Its now I need some information of why the keyboard does not respond in MuseScore.

Do you believe it is a good idea to put out half finished arrangements official?

Maybe I have misunderstood something so I will humbly as you this!

Did you mean that it is easier for you to understand the basic question if MuseScore´s capabilities of handling keyboard signs might depend of my lack of skills or a program fail in MuseScore it self?

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Usually that key works and has the desired effect. If it does not,and does not just on that file for you, there must be something special about it. Simply attaching it to a reply here should help verify that. Doesn't matter whether it is finished or not, as Long as it Shows the behavoir you're describing

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About the image, it really doesn't matter to match the image with the rest of the arrangement since there isn't a single part of the arrangement that is possible to use the keyboard to chance Increase or Decrease!

There is another point of view that might cause this problem. I am living in Sweden and we have different letters and typing compared to what US, France, China or whatever county use on their keyboards.

In other software there are at least one or another way to find shortcuts to what the software needs to execute a command if the producer of the software maybe limited the language versions or forgot to add alternative ways connected to non US keyboards!

But in Musescore I just can´t find a proper way of doing this and it is frustrating since it takes an awful lot of time to click about 10 times with the mouse in each bar but also in the command window of MuseScore. Its randomly about 20 clicks for each bar that is too short and I guess I can skip my plan of creating good arrangements on sheet before this gig!

Isn´t there another way where you can tell the bars to contain a certain size by using digits instead of thousand of mouse clicks?

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Ah, so it is not just that score where it doesn't work?

Rest asured: I'm using a German Keyboard, it does have the { } at 'funny' spots compared to a US one (AltGr+7 resp. 0), but they do work.
However, you can assign a different shortcut (or even the {}, but right for your keyboard), via

What OS are you on (and yes, this is another varable to consider in the game of keyboatd dependencies)?

You can also modify the stretch value of any given measure by right-click into it, measure properties and then change the layout Stretch value

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Ok now you speak about keyboard problem, not the stretch function itself.
You could try to assign another sign in preferences=>shortcut.
MuseScore lists all possible actions with shortcuts, and you can assign up to 4 keys to any of them.
It is aslo useful to try the key of your keyboard which should match the default stretch key, to see how MuseScore interprets it.

Generally speaking, you shouldn't be stretching measures individually like that so often. If you just want bigger measures, trying selecitng *all* then increasing stretch, or just increasing the spacing parameter in Style / General / Measure (this is what "stretch" is applied to). Or increase the overall music size in Layout / Page Settings / Staff space (literall the size of the space between staff lines). Or, if the goal is simply to put fewer measures on a given line, use a line break to end the line where you want.

By stretching measures individually, you end up with inconsistent spacing, which actually *detracts* from the readability of the score. For instance, two measures that contain the same rhtyhms should be the same size. Notes contains more notes will generally be wider than measures with fewer notes, and the width allocated to notes of any given duration will be consistent among measures on a single line - all eighth notes the same width for example in a measure where that is the shortest duration. This all handled automatically and correctly for you, but changing stretch measure by measure will likely destroy this.

So I'm not sayng strrtch shoudl never be used, but it shouldn't be a susbtitute for the better methods of increasing readability - increase overall spacing for the whole score or for the whole line of music using the methods I described. Doing it that way is less effort and produces better results than doing things measure by measure.

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Thank you for an excellent explanation as always Marc!

However since I always try to limit the amount of sheet for my musicians I have to break rules from time to time... maybe its time to re-think that? I used the individual measure sizes by stretch for the rehearsal today and it worked ok but, I am not satisfied since the rythm section and the brass section did get different length on their sheet. It would of course have been perfect if all guys in the band had exactly the same amount of bars when they have questions.

I'll keep on trying and thanks again!

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