Sound of C1 by adding new Instrument

• Apr 17, 2016 - 16:54

it would be good to hear how something sounds (instrument), because trying to edit always which sounds g ood takes long!


I'm not really sure what you mean. Are you asking for a button in the Instrument window so you can hear what the instrument sounds like? There are lots of web site out there that can do a better job of that.

Not sure how you are chaning instrument right now, but you might consider using the Mixer to trial different sounds rather than changing instrument. Once you found the MIDI sound you like, then you can actually change the instrument to correspond.

There are quite a lot of instruments that can't even play a C1, actually only few that can. Maybe you meant C4 AKA middle C? But even that won't work for all instruments. And a single note won't give enough of a hint at the Sound of an Instrument. Maybe the 3 notes of e.g a C Major chord, in an instrument dependant octave.

I made 3 documents so you can easily preview all the wood wind, free reed, brass, pitched percussion, keyboard, and electronic instruments each play a sample of the same notes for a measure (but in a different octave depending on that instrumetn's range for note pitches). As you hear the sample, the notes are shown being played as well as the instrument's name.

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