Location of default folders on Mac

• Nov 30, 2011 - 18:03

I have just updated to Nightly Build R5051 and noticed that a new folder containing five folders called MyImages, MyPlugins, MySoundFonts, MyStyles, MyTemplates has been created. Whilst the creation of default folders may be useful, putting them in the Applications folder seems a bit odd. I would expect to find this in /Users/username/Library to avoid it appearing in the applications list.

Was the addition to this location a conscious decision?


It's a conscious decision indeed. But nightly builds are not mean to be "upgradable". The MyImages, My... are a legacy of the previous nightly build you installed. If you reset to factory settings by running mscore -F the folders will be created in your Documents folder. Does that sound more reasonable?

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Thank you.

I am guilty of just installing new builds on top without removing the existing files first but interestingly the folders did not appear until after I had installed R5051 and I had not changed the folder preferences manually. I did check but the file data and my backups show the folders were created on Monday this week. I (almost) always run the new build as soon I install it which suggests it was (probably) not until I ran the latest version that they appeared. I certainly have no recollection of installing 2 builds in one day.

Anyway, I reset to factory settings and manually deleted the folders so all is well.

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