Problem trying to run MuseScore 2.0.3 AppImage on Ubuntu 15.10

• Apr 7, 2016 - 13:21


I've followed all the instructions to run the MuseScore 2.0.3 AppImage for Linux (so far without installing it - just trying to run it from the desktop), but unfortunately it closes without warning almost immediately. I see the splash screen (and, for a fraction of a second) the startup window, and then it just disappears - no error message nor anything else.

Just to be clear:

1. I've downloaded the AppImage twice already and am pretty sure it's not corrupted.
2. I've changed the permissions as per instructions.
3. Initially, I had MuseScore 2.0.2 installed, but subsequently uninstalled it. 2.0.3 still won't open.

Any ideas?


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Thanks. Just tried running from the terminal. Here's the result:

initScoreFonts 0xa55d9c8
/tmp/.mount_rlSXkS/AppRun: line 18: 4242 Segmentation fault (core dumped) "${APPDIR}/bin/mscore-portable" "$@"

Does that help narrow down the problem?

P.S. I should also have said that I also see a dialog box which says, "The previous session quit unexpedtedly. Restore Session? Yes/No"

P.P.S I also just ran a check on the sha256 checksum for the downloaded file and it verifies, so it's definitely not a corrupted download.

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Sorry, I meant to say no, it's the same result either way (MuseScore closes).

Here's the output from the command line with the -F option:

initScoreFonts 0xb516c78
QObject::connect: Cannot connect (null)::stateChanged(QNetworkSession::State) to QNetworkReplyHttpImpl::_q_networkSessionStateChanged(QNetworkSession::State)
/tmp/.mount_O2Tuym/AppRun: line 18: 5040 Segmentation fault (core dumped) "${APPDIR}/bin/mscore-portable" "$@"

Here's the output from the command line with the -d option:

global share:
configured localeName
real localeName
load translator
load translator
load translator from
load translator failed
read shortcuts from <:/data/shortcuts.xml>
initScoreFonts 0xa545c00
DPI 72.000000
Information for screen: "DVI-0"
Available geometry: 65 24 1215 x 1000
Available size: 1215 x 1000
Available virtual geometry: 65 24 1215 x 1000
Available virtual size: 1215 x 1000
Depth: 24 bits
Geometry: 0 0 1280 x 1024
Logical DPI: 96
Logical DPI X: 96
Logical DPI Y: 96
Physical DPI: 96.0829
Physical DPI X: 96.1893
Physical DPI Y: 95.9764
Physical size: 338 x 271 mm
Refresh rate: 60 Hz
Size: 1280 x 1024
Virtual geometry: 0 0 1280 x 1024
Virtual size: 1280 x 1024
/tmp/.mount_CspXGJ/AppRun: line 18: 5080 Segmentation fault (core dumped) "${APPDIR}/bin/mscore-portable" "$@"

"Does it run if you use "-s"? or "-w"" - No, not in either case. In fact all of these options ("-F", "-d", "-s" and "-w") produce a crash with no warning apart from the dialog mentioned above.

Hi Xasman,
Do you use the plain Ubuntu with the Unity interface, or if not, what desktop do you use?
Could you try running this command from the directory where you saved the AppImage, and then upload the resulting file "dependencies.txt" as a file attachment when you reply.

./MuseScore*.AppImage  check-depends  >  dependencies.txt

This will check if your computer is missing any libraries or dependencies.

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Hi Shoogle.

I'm using the plain Ubuntu Unity interface (no fancy customizations) on 15.10. It's been installed like that since (I think) around Ubuntu 14.04 and updated from there. I have installed and uninstalled several programs but I'm not what you'd call an Ubuntu "power user" by any stretch of the imagination.

I've just run the command you suggest and attach the "dependencies.txt" file below as requested.

Thanks for your help.

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dependencies.txt 6.1 KB

I can report a similar issue with Ubuntu 15.10 in VirtualBox. MuseScore-2.0.3-i686.AppImage crashes sometimes when running, often while playback. Sometimes Musescore crashes right after startup until I sudo MuseScore. This subsequently chowns MuseScore2.ini to root which and make it inaccessible to the plain user. Then MuseScore will start again without sudo.

When I sudo MuseScore-2.0.3-i686.AppImage runs without crash.

On a Ubuntu 15.10 life system MuseScore-2.0.3-x86_64.AppImage or MuseScore-2.0.3-i686.AppImage are running as plain user without crashes.

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Hi Tobik,

This issue isn't about a VirtualBox install, and while it's possible our issues are related, your problem actually sounds significantly different to mine - for example, I don't get as far as running the programme and starting playback, whereas you seem to; your AppImage seems to work on a normal (non-VB) install whereas mine doesn't, etc.. I'd appreciate it if you would start a separate thread with your specific issue rather than hijacking this one - thanks.

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@tobik, thanks very much for your detailed tests! It's difficult to say whether your problem is linked to Xasman's. It's interesting that you are both using i686 AppImages, so possibly there is a link there, but the symptoms seem to have been a bit different. If your problem was really fixed by making MuseScore2.ini inaccessible then it seems like running with "-F" would be enough to fix it, but that didn't solve Xasman's problem.

A VirtualBox seems quite niche to me, so I'm not as concerned if it doesn't work as I am for a regular install (like Xasman's), but I'm happy to include a fix if you discover one (it's probably a missing library or something like that). If you find any further clues then feel free to create a new thread and post a link here so we can find it.

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That dependencies.txt file gave the expected output, so not much help unfortunately - except that it told me you are on a 32 bit system. Perhaps you don't have enough memory to run the AppImage? You could try opening up System Monitor and checking the memory usage before, during and after running the AppImage.

You could also try running it with strace and look out for error messages:

strace ./MuseScore*.AppImage

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Hi Shoogle,

Memory shouldn't be a problem - the computer has 4GiB of RAM (the maximum supported by the mainboard), although of course, Ubuntu system monitor only reports 2.8GiB available. I just ran MuseScore 2.0.3 with System monitor before during and after as you suggested. Here are the results:

CPU 1 & 2: both between 5-12%
Memory: 23.8 %
Swap: 0 %

CPU 1 & 2: both between 5-12% (following a short peak to 99% when MS begins to start but before it exits)
Memory: 25.3 %
Swap: 0 %

CPU 1 & 2: both between 5-12%
Memory: 23.8 %
Swap: 0 %

I also ran with strace and indeed there are some error messages though I've no idea how to interpret them - I'm sure they'll make much more sense to you. I've copied and pasted the command line output into the attached text file.

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xasman203strace.txt 22.25 KB

Same crash for me with MuseScore-2.0.3-i686.AppImage and also MuseScoreNightly-201604011130-master-a65f06b-i686.AppImage
I'm running
3.13.0-85-generic i686 GNU/Linux Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS
I stay tune.

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Just a follow-up for info:

My (32-bit) computer with Ubuntu 16.04 suffered a catastrophic mainboard failure and completely died not long after my last post, so I suppose it's possible that my previous MS AppImage failures could have been related to a gradually deteriorating mainboard/CPU situation (although there weren't any other obvious symptoms at the time).

Anyway, I now have a 64-bit computer with Ubuntu 16.10 installed and can report at least that the 64-bit version of MS AppImage runs normally on it. That said, I've now installed the repository version of 2.0.3 instead (and deleted the AppImage) since 2.0.3 is now in the Ubuntu repository for 16.10 (of course, it wasn't there in 16.04 and earlier). After my previous experiences this route "feels" a little safer... ;)

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