Cannot install both newest Musescore AND newest Openshot on Linux Mint 17

• Mar 23, 2016 - 05:09

I use Linux Mint 17.3 on my laptop for both music notation and video production. Both Musescore and Openshot are my go-to programs. However, with the latest round of updates from both, I cannot have both installed at the same time. The problem, it seems, lies in the Musescore PPA's incomplete qt5 stack. Instead of a full qt5 stack, it only has what Musescore needs. So, anything else that needs a full qt5 installation, such as Openshot, refuses to install because the native Ubuntu 14.04 qt5 stack and Musescore PPA's qt5 packages don't mix well. Going the other direction, Musescore won't install if the newest Openshot is. Is there a way to get the full stack installed that both Musescore AND Openshot can use? Otherwise, I'm stuck with an outdated version of one or the other.


Thanks to the help of Thomas Bronte, I was able to use an experimental installation method: AppImages. If you go to the Musescore download page, scroll down toward the bottom of the page, you'll find the Nightly Versions section. Click on 2.0.3 next to your specific system architecture (32-bit, 64-bit, or arm) and download the MusescoreNightly-*.AppImage file (not the zsync file). Place it somewhere you can easily access it or link to it. Change its permissions so that it's executable. Then run it. It has all the dependencies built into it and runs independently of other installed packages. It's not as nice and easy as the normal installation packages, but it works great for this scenario.

Thanks, Thomas!

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