The Official Muse Score Group

• Mar 23, 2016 - 12:53

Official Musescore group
Come and join! Show everyone what you think about Muse Score.

Musescore is love
Musescore is life (for people whose music is life as minimal :) )


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I believe the implied question is, what makes this the 'official' Musescore group; Given that you're not part of the core team and have misspelled the name of the program in the groupname I doubt there is anything official about it.

Aside from not knowing what an 'official' group should be, that is.

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Still not understanding you intended use for this group.

What do you mean by 'released to MUSESCORE'? Public scores on the platform? If so, and your group wants to contain all the scores from the public platform, then it is no different from the platform itself and has no added value imo…
If not, please elaborate on what you think should be part of this group and why it exists.

@tokout Be aware that you are confusing people by using 'official' in your group name, since there is no such thing as an official musescore group. Make it more specific perhaps, targeted to a specific audience, or music genre. This way people will understand whether this is a group they want to join or not.

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