Ocarina In MuseScore?

• Oct 30, 2011 - 20:12

I don't see any, but I'd like if there was an ocarina in MuseScore. Mostly because I play the piano and ocarina, and I'd prefer to write music to instruments I can play.

I'm not exactly the best composer, here are a couple things I made:

Twinkling Sea (piano)

Twinkling Sea II (voice+flute)

Spooky Circuit (piano+flute)

My point is, I'd just like an ocarina as an instrument, and I don't happen to see one. If there is one, just correct me and tell me where it is. If there isn't, please add one.

The ocarina is a small hand-flute. The most common are 12-hole, which the Alto C's hold the notes from A4 to F7.


You can find a variety of ocarinas in the instrument list iu der Woodwinds if you first click the Show More button. But note that MuseScore doesn't actually care what instrument you write for. Even if there is there is no predefined staff of a given name, you can just and a different instrument staff and then rename it in the score. As for playback, that depends entirely on the soundfont. The default soundfont is based on the GM standard, so if GM defines a sound for it, then you can select it in the mixer. Otherwise you can select something that's close, or search for a soundfont that does incude it.

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