.DLS Support Possible?

• Mar 13, 2016 - 17:40

Hello guys!
I need help with .dls (Downloadable Sounds) for Musescore 2. I have Downloaded those .dls SoundFonts.
How do I use it? When I put a .dls File in the following Directory ...\Program Files\MuseScore 2\sound\ , it doesn't show up in Synthesizer > Add list, all I see are .sf2 and .sf3 -- I just added some .sf2 files.
Do I need a Plugin for that? If no, the only way is to Convert to .sf2. What's the recommended program to properly convert it to? Sorry if I'm a n00b...

- Sven


I am not familiar with DLS; MuseScore uses the standard SoundFont format (sf2). So you will indeed need to convert any DLS files to SF2 if you wish to use them. I can't recall the question ever coming up here before, so I'm not sure there is any "recommended" program - you might be the first person to be trying this :-). Or just stick to sounds already provided in SF2 format.

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