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I am currently running on MuseScore 1.0, and arranging the Entertainer by Scott Joplin. To the point, when I selected the instruments, some of their names contained a flat symbol in the name (B flat clarinet, B flat trumpet, B flat tuba). Whenever I changed the size of the score, the font size automatically adjusted with it to get smaller, except that the ones with the symbols (flats) did not. So all of my instrument names are shrunk to around what I would think is around 7, Times New Roman or so, while the instrument names with flats are still 12, Times New Roman. Could someone either fix, or tell me how to fix the size and font of the instrument names? I know in previous version, you could just click the instrument and change it, but in MuseScore 1.0 it doesn't allow me to do that. The mcsx. file is enclosed below. Thank You.


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There are definitely known issues with the instrument name resizing when there are flats; you might want to do a search of the forums and issue tracker to see what workarounds might exist.

But you *can* edit the name - just right click the *staff* (not the name) and choose Staff Properties. That's not where you set the font though - that's done in Style->Edit Text Style->InstrumentLong/Short.

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I have quite a large score going, using MS 1.1, Mac OS 10.7.2.

The 'Tenor Saxophone' instrument name, in long and short form, appears in MuseJazz Font, while everything else is appearing in Times New Roman, and I can't seem to change it! I'm going through Style -> Edit Text Style, but it just won't stick. I've tried changing everything to MuseJazz, but that doesn't seem to be taking effect either.


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With instrument names, I find that changes to the text style automatically affects instruments not yet added. For instruments that were present already when the text style change was made, you need to edit their names, completely ereasing the old names, then typing the new names. You should see the font change the moment you enter the first character after deleting the old name. I think even this only works if you save and reload the score after making the style change.

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Yes, this works -- and I've just done it with an 18-part score. A lot of time and effort for a cosmetic change! Now I just hope I don't change my mind and need to do it all again... I'm looking forward to the improved text handling promised in the next major release. It could save a lot of time, especially for those of us working on complex scores where manually effecting changes is a miserable grind.

!!There is a quick and easy way to solve this problem!! (No typing in every instrument name)

Step 1: Go into Style>Edit Text> Instruments
Step 2: Make sure the InstrumentsLong, InstrumentsShort, and InstrumentsExcerpt are all the
sizes you want them to be.
Step 3: Exit back to your score
Step 4: Right-Click on any instrument name (anywhere in the score) and select "Staff Properties"
Step 5: Click on "Change Instrument"
Step 6: Replace that instrument with itself. This will essentially refresh the instrument name
(without deleting the part) and make the system recognize the font you chose in Step 2. It
will also change the font of that instrument throughout the piece, so you don't have to
manually correct each one.

Thanks! If you have any problems just shoot a comment down below!

P.S. Whenever name sizes change, it is because you have resized the sheet music. If you never want to deal with that, don't change your page layout (kind of inevitable...).

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