DS repeats from start of piece instead of from sign

• Feb 6, 2016 - 05:56

I just encountered an interesting bug... I've written a piece in 3/4 time, with a 1 note pickup measure. I put the DS where I want, and the segno at the start of the first full bar. Whenever Musescore plays it back, it goes back to the beginning of the piece.

As a matter of fact, wherever I put the segno it ignores it and just repeats from the very beginning (including the one bar pickup measure).

I have attached the piece, a Croatian Easter song.

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Gospodin slavno uskrsnu.mscz 23.53 KB


It plays exactly as written, start to end repeat, start to end repeat, segno to end.
No bug there.

If you want the repeat to start in 2nd measure, place a start repeat bar there. If you want it to repeat 3 times, set the repeat count of the measure containing the end repeat bar to 3. No need whatsoever for a Segno and a D.S.

It just remove the end repeat bar, the the section between Segno and D.S. will be played twice.

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