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• Oct 25, 2008 - 00:19

This isn't a request for something more in the program but a request to share music compositions online. The web developer should put a forum, or special page for viewing and/or downloading scores from the community made by the community. Then we can simply put it in Musescore and distribute to the players in the orchestra... I suppose this would be controversial since anyone can download and sell the compositions for money.


I suppose it won't be controversial actually, because people will know they can find the scores for free and won't pay, anyway if composers wanted they could upload their works under a suitable public license to prevent such things.

Sharing of scores is usually done at forums of interest in that type of music. For example, I'm part of a classical guitar forum and we share music scores all the time. People use different scoring programs, so they normally post in PDF format. But that's OK, since people are interested in the music, not the specific format.

You could do the sharing at the scoring program site, but then the emphasis would really be the technical handling of different scores using this particular scoring program, more than the musical content.

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I think it would be great to have more demonstration scores. There are some included in the MuseScore distribution, but more variety is always welcome. Additionally, a few more could go on the website so people can see samples of the notation quality (there is already one in Screenshots).

Beyond that use, I suppose we could set up a forum here for people to share their scores among each other, as attachments. (So long as they are public-domain or with permission of the composer, of course).
I notice that Finale has their Finale Showcase and Sibelius has its

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There's only the problem of the copyright when the music was composed by a other one. For exemple, in France, some classical music scores edited by "International Music Compagny" are prohibited because the composer died not enough long time ago. I don't know about pop rock scores but I think, it's the same. For my own, I make scores for my young cello pupils like christmas songs etc. I'll will be happy to propose my arrangements for free.

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