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• Jan 10, 2016 - 02:06

When entering a chord via keyboard, shift+C adds C note ABOVE the current note. It is logical with general bass, but I write more often popular songs, when I have melody first and then I want to add chord notes below the melody.
That is why I need a shortcut say ctrl+shift+C to add C note BELOW the current note.
Thank you in advance. :-)
PS. now I have to press shift-C and then ctrl-arrowdown. Well, one note is not a problem, but do it hundreds times...


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I cannot find it no matter as much as I try. There is
Insert Note - does not work at all (write in the console: not implemented: cmdInsertNote 6)
Enter Note - works, but it is something different
Add Note - but only above the current note.
So I do not know what you meant???
If you can give me some hint, please.

Since I use a laptop with small and inconveniently placed ↓ buttons, I changed the shortcut for 'pitch down octave' from the default to 'SHIFT+SPACE'. If you do this, when you hit SHIFT+C to enter a second note on the same stem, you simply need to continue to hold the SHIFT key and flick your thumb on the space-bar to drop that C an octave. Very quick and easy.

To change a keyboard shortcut, click on EDIT>Preferences>Shortcuts. Look down the list (it's alphabetical) for 'pitch down octave' (or type the first few letters of that phrase in the search box at the bottom of the Shortcuts tab), and click on it in the list. Then click 'define' and enter the shortcut you want in the proper field.

It would probably be easier for you to find a shortcut that works with your OS than for the Musescore code team to create a special function which works with ALL operating systems. If your OS won't accept SHIFT+SPACE, try setting the shortcut for 'pitch octave down' as something else it will accept that will be easy for you to remember and type.

In general, Musescore moves to the closest octave when receiving pitch input from the computer keyboard. If you use a Midi keyoard, OTOH, Musescore will show the pitch in the actual octave you 'play' on that keyboard. And if you use mouse input, of course, the program will place the note exactly where you click it. But mouse input is very slow.

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