Suddenly no sound in playback mode on 2.0.2; cursor still moves, 1.3 works fine.

• Jan 4, 2016 - 20:32

From what I've been able to gather it looks like 2.0.2 has dropped the sound font--nothing shows up under Synthesizer. Why does this happen (apparently I'm not the first with this complaint) and is it possible to get it back without having to reload it? Thanks.

PS I liked the voice playback better on 1.3--at least it was more in tune.


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OK, I'm doing this and it works, but I have to keep doing it every. single. time I close and re-open 2.0.2, sometimes twice. I'm following the instructions for OS X (Yosemite). This started happening after a couple of months of use with no problems. It doesn't happen with 1.3. The cursor moves, but no sound.

I suppose I could just leave Musescore open for long stretches, but that would mean I would have to leave the Terminal open also, since I can't quit it without quitting Musescore.

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Thank you for replying so quickly. Unfortunately no--the sound font (FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3) appears in Synthesizer every time I revert to factory settings, but every time I close 2.0.2 it disappears again, even if I set it as the default before closing. Grr...

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And you aren't going into Edit / Preferences and changing your soundfont folder? Does the location given there look correct? Is it the same when starting after a factory reset as when starting without a factory reset? Does the soundfont actually exist in that folder? Have you done something unusual with your installation - tried to install to a removable drive, to a folder that has been redirected via a symbolic link or some such?

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Replies in CAPS:

I'm not going into Edit/Preferences and changing my soundfont folder, nor have I done anything unusual with my installation. I'm just going with the factory settings, but for some reason they're not permanent. I'm not trying to change anything or do anything fancy (my previous grumbling about the sound font notwithstanding)--just trying to notate scores.

For me there is no "Preferences" selection in the Edit scroll-down menu, only under the main Musescore scroll down. Is that a Mac thing? I noticed a couple of people were advised to make sure that under I/O Preferences PortAudio was checked rather than Jack Audio, and mine is on PortAudio. Are those the preferences you were talking about?

You asked: Does the location given there look correct? Is it the same when starting after a factory reset as when starting without a factory reset? Does the soundfont actually exist in that folder? I'm afraid I'll need you to walk me through that a bit. Please excuse my (relative) computer ineptitude.


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Sorry, I forgot - on Mac, Preferences is not foundunder Edit, but in some sort of Mac-specific system menu.

The preferences I am asking about are on teh main ("General") page of the dialog that appears when you choose Preferences. You'll see a place where it lists yur Soundfont folders. There should be two different folders listed, separated by a semicolon. Just copy and paste the contents of that setting into a reply here. Then, use Finder on your Mac to visit those folders and see if they actually contain soundfonts.

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(Obviously I changed my mind about pasting your questions in here and replying in caps--thought you'd appreciate that!)

OK, this looks like what you described--/Applications/MuseScore;/Users/lindapisano/Documents/MuseScore2/Soundfonts

There does NOT appear to be a soundfont in the MuseScore folder. I'll see if it appears after reverting to factory settings one more time.

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If /Applications/MuseScore is empty (copy and paste the path into the Finder "Go to folder" dialog), then you've got a problem that won't be fixed by the revert process. You may need to delete MuseScore and redownload it.

Also see the Handbook under "Soundfont" for info on how you can install the old soundfont alongside the new and use it for voices if your prefer.

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