Musescore et LibreOffice Writer MSc Example Manager

• Dec 29, 2015 - 15:25

Hi every one

I have downloaded MSEM but it doesn't run as i'd like. When the window appears to choose the MSC file, there's a pop up that says: "unable to convert MSCZ to PNG".
If i carry on, there is a frame on the document with green dots and it's written 'Musescore example manager' inside but no score.
Thank you so much to all the developpers who have done a real great job. Bravo aussi à Marc Sabatella!
He wrote a lot about MSEM I read a lot but finally did not find the clue.


Sorry the error messages aren't more helpful. There's a few different things that could be going on. First, what OS are you on, what version of MuseScore are you running, and did the example manager prompt you to enter the installation folder when you first ran it (it wouldn't unless you installed MuseScore somewhere other than the default location).

Also, try a different MSCZ file in a different folder to be sure it isn't a problem just with that file.

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Hi Marc
Thanks for posting. My OS is windows XP SP2. MS is 2.0.2. To answer the question, the MSEM did not ask me to enter the installation folder when i first ran it. I tried different folders but always the same: "unable to convert mscz to png" message is dispayed. Though there is a window on the LO Writer document but no music score. Thank you.

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