Key change in the middle of the measure

• Dec 23, 2015 - 03:41

I need to write a score and one measure I met with a key change in the middle of the measure that divides the same.
I know how to do it at the beginning of time but I have no idea how to put the new key and in the image.

I would appreciate your help, happy holidays to all.

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Thank you very much Jojo-Schmitz that's the perfect solution, upload a picture and you'll notice that the flats appear next to 6/8, I believe that no problem is there no way to eliminate it eliminate the next measure?
I guess it will be a hobby composer because he could have altered the note and the key change at the next measure although there probably is a reason that know.

A greeting and thanks for everything.

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I managed to hide with the object inspector, visible "off" and show courtesy key "off" if another user needs when the measure is divided; of the measure Properties placed in "off" to "exclude counter measures" to count as only one measure and not two.

Thank you.

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Is that picture of the original you are trying to copy, or of the result you obtained? Something seems very wrong in that the key signatures don't match - the flats are on different lines. Almost like there is a clef change there as well, but I don't see one. So either the notes beforw this passage are wrong, or the notes after, but something is definitely wrong.

Posting the actual score would help us understand what might have gone wrong.

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