How to substitute overlapping notes in piano sheets?

• Dec 22, 2015 - 16:49

Hello and thanks for your interest to help me. In my piano sheet I want to substitute all overlapping notes with the proper length automatically.
As you can see in the image below there are four upper overlapping notes which I want to substitute with one whole note. How to do that?

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For just the example you provided, I selected the 4 bottom notes (which are in voice 1) and changed them to voice 2 using the "2" in the voice toolbar. Then selected the first upper note and pressed 7 to make it a whole note.


EDIT: Oops, you wanted to change them all, automatically. Nope, no way right now, but at least you can easily edit them.

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All right. Thank you guys. Now I know what to do to finish my project.

For future development of Musecore I want to say: This is a very basic, though missing feature for writing piano sheet music. It shouldn't be hidden in a plugin. It should be an easy accessible one-click solution.

Is this post sufficient to make a feature request?

The way to do this is to enter the music correctly in the first case. I can only guess this music was imported from a MIDI file, and if so, that is the source of the problem. MIDI simply does not contain the necessary information to make it very good as a way of representing music notation. So in cases where the MIDI has wrong information, simply re-entering it correctly is often the best way. There is no "one click solution" because there is no one thing that could possibly need correction. There is no way MuseScore can possibly guess all the things that might be wrong with a file that need correcting.

Now I have found THE solution. Marc, you're right. I was talking about a MIDI file imported to MuseScore. There is no need for a new function. It was just a musical issue. There where a lot redundant overlapping notes. I just deleted the redundant information and now it's fixed. Now it looks very simple and on the other hand every required information for playing the piano is included. The author of the MIDI file intended to be compatible with an optional orchestrated version.
Thank you so much, all of you.

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