MIDI import & change of instruments

• Dec 11, 2015 - 12:57


When I import a MIDI file I get all this transposing instruments like sax, trompet, etc. The sound is ok but not the notation. I need the lead voice in concert pitch and switching between the two views works not proper. (e.g. some notes are notated an octave higher???). I just want change a transposing instrument in a "normal" c-instrument like flute oder piano and don't know how. Sure I can change the sound but this doesn't change the transposition of the imported instrument. Is it possible to get a c-instrument of a transposing isntrument?

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Saxophones and trumpets *are* tranposing instruments generally; the transposed notation you see is totally correct. That is, if you give that music to an actual saxophone or trumept player, it will sound correct. However, if you just want to the music displayed on screen in concert pitch for easier editing, simply press the Concert Pitch button pn the toolbar.

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Only if you have Concert Pitch turned off when you upload it. And in any case, again, saxophones and trumpets *are* transposing instruments. If you want actual saxophone and trumpet players to play it, you'll need it transposed. If you actually intend this to be played by another instrument, you should change to the instrument you actually want. If you ntend it to be plkayed by a synthesizer, select a keyboard instrument and use the Mixer to select the actual sound.

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Dear Marc

If I change the instrument that doesn't affect the notation. If I, for example, have a soprano saxophone and want to change it into an alto saxophone, is there still the original transposition of the soprano saxophone. It should be possible somehow to change an instrument with the appropriate transposition. All I know is not like?

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